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About Kelly's School of Motoring

My name is John Kelly and I own and operate Kelly’s School of Motoring in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. I am an RSA Approved Driving Instructor.

My philosophy as a driving instructor is straightforward – in order to teach learner drivers under my care to become competent drivers it is necessary to both teach them the skills AND instill in them the confidence to believe that they are progressing to driving test level. 

My Driving Instructor Credentials

RSA Qualified Instructor

I am an Approved Driving Instructor registered with the Road Safety Authority and approved to give driving instruction in Category B Vehicles (Motor Cars)


Through my experience of instructing countless learner drivers I have acquired a lot of know-how on what is needed to become a competent driver and successfully pass your test. As a local I have indepth knowledge of all the test routes.

Detailed Lessons

Every learner driver has their own individual strengths and weaknesses. I provide detailed feedback after each lesson including notes and video which is catered to the individual depending on the areas they most need to improve on.

Why Choose Kelly's School of Motoring?

Dual Control Vehicle

At Kelly’s School of Motoring we use a dual control vehicle for your lessons. For your initial lessons we use this car before progressing to lessons in your own car. A dual control vehicle has a set of pedals on the passengers side which allows the instructor to take control of braking if necessary. This is for safety but also gives a novice driver more confidence.

Value for Money

When comparing driving instructors it’s not just about the price. Kelly’s School of Motoring prices are competitive but more than that with the comprehensive instruction and detailed feedback you get after each lesson means that driving lessons with us are great value for money.

Friendly Service

Kelly’s School of Motoring has a reputation for the friendliness of the service we offer in Athlone and the Midlands. We understand that learner drivers can be nervous so our aim is to set them at ease, give them confidence and the encouragement to quickly improve their driving skills.

Driving Lessons in your Car

Regardless of what type of car you drive once its registered, roadworthy, taxed and insured we can provide you with driving lessons in it. We almost always do your initial lessons in our own dual control vehicle before doing lessons in your own car.

Some Of My Successful Driving Test Students

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